The Hair Palace Team

Put simply – our surgeons are at the top of their game. What they don’t know about the very latest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant techniques really isn’t worth knowing.

State-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art techniques combine to deliver truly outstanding restorative surgery results.

Trust our medical team to deliver the impressive full head of hair, the confidence, the certainty and the assurance that you want. A better quality of life, a better quality solution to hair loss.


Each of our surgeons is a fully qualified expert in hair restoration.

Dr. Ljuba Zsolnai

ljuba-zsolnai-dr-image Hair restoration specialist

With an M.D. from the University of Uzhgorod, a specialism in hair restoration surgery and having conducted more than 300 hair restorations Dr. Ljuba Zsolnai is a leading light in her field. A real hair loss problem solver.

Dr. Viktória Novák

viktoria-novak-dr-imageHair restoration specialist

A specialist in hair restoration with an M.D. from Semmelweis Medical University Dr. Viktória Novák is a respected hair transplant consultant. She uses her strong English to keep a close eye on the latest international innovations in hair restoration.

Dr. Erika Szabó

erika-szabo-dr-imageHair restoration specialist

An M.D. graduate of Semmelweis Medical University Dr. Erika Szabó is a anaesthetist specialising in hair restoration procedures.

She has worked for a number of laboratories and as a member of the Scientific Students’ Association has co-written various publications. She is currently completing her PhD.

Dr. Zsolt Fabian M.D.

Specialist plastic surgeon majoring in hair transplants

With an M.D. from Medical University in Debrecen and a career as a general surgeon at the Kenezy Hospital in Debrecen, followed by time in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Honvéd Hospital, Dr. Zsolt Fabian is our plastic and microsurgery expert.

With a passion for the science of hair restoration Dr Fabian is often invited to share his expertise in the media, medical publications and journals.

With a keen eye on developments and innovation he works at the forefront of hair restoration industry.



We succeed as a team and it’s important that our assistants, medical consultants and patients work together closely. Communication is key.

Honesty, clarity and commitment all lie at the heart of our hair restoration success.