Cheap FUE Hair Transplant from £990

The true price of hair transplant treatment

Based on our initial consultation each element of your treatment is clearly spelt out and costed in your treatment plan. No alarms, no surprises. Just a crystal clear breakdown of exactly what you will get for your money

Be warned though – you will likely end up with a serious amount of treatment for a surprisingly low cost.

Total costs – 60% off UK prices

It’s a pretty straight forward equation; a hair transplant in Hungary equals less than half the price of the same treatment in the UK.

Why stay in the UK and pay twice as much?

We make it easy. Our packages are all inclusive. They contains everything, from hotel, to transfers, to meal at the clinic and medications. All you need to pay for are your flights.

And even including flights the cost won’t come to half of what you would pay for a hair transplant in the UK.

Accommodation costs

Accommodation during your treatment is completely FREE. Additional accommodation starts around £35-£50 a night for a pleasant four-star hotel. We’re more than happy to advise you on locations.

Travel costs

Low-cost airlines can make European travel surprisingly cheap these days. London to Budapest? Anything from as little as £35. You’d be unlucky to have to pay more than £100. Of course you will need to check but chances are you can pick up a bargain.

Let your transformation begin!

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