What makes Hungary the perfect hair transplant destination?

The Quality/Cost Equation

It’s simply a case of economics. Whilst in Hungary people earn 20% of the average UK salary, the quality of medical education is as good if not better.  Little wonder that Hungarian doctors are in such high demand throughout the world. It’s this quality/cost equation that allows us to offer such great value treatment to our British clients.

Easy and low cost accessibility

A traditional destination of Austrian, Swiss and German clients seeking high quality hair restoration, the low-cost airlines now make Hungary an accessible and viable option for clients from other countries.

Did you know? It only takes two hours to fly from London to Budapest. That’s 20 minutes less than the train from London to Manchester!

Beautiful Hungary

When Hungary’s and especially Budapest’s reputation for beauty and charm started to become more widely known tourists descended in their millions. And why wouldn’t they? A country of wonderfully friendly people, splendid sites and almost endless attractions. Now you can experience it for yourself.

Western culture, outstanding hygiene

Budapest is a vibrant, energetic and progressive city. A compelling blend of classical central European values and contemporary western styles.

Healthwise it’s important to stress that our clinic complies with most stringent of European Union hygiene regulations. Only the latest techniques and most modern of medical equipment are good enough for our clients.

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