Beautiful Budapest – one of Europe’s most beautiful cities

Budapest – where Buda meets Pest meets Óbuda.

  • The capital of Hungary since 1873 Budapest’s World Heritage status covers the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue and Heroes’ Square. Did you know that Budapest’s Millennium Underground Railway is the second oldest in the world?

  • Geothermal springs? Like them? You’re in for a treat. There are 80 of them in Budapest including the world’s largest thermal water cave system. Talking of size the city boasts the world’s second largest synagogue as well as the third largest Parliament building.

  • 3 million tourists a year visit this great city which according to the EIU’s quality of life index is Europe’s most livable Central European city. Forbes get in on the act too ranking it as “Europe’s 7th most idyllic place to live”. It’s the 9th most beautiful city in the world according to CityGuides.

  • If you like good food you will love Hungarian dishes such as goulash, chicken paprikas or pörkölt. The wine is excellent too with plenty of home grown vintages. Lorem ipsum dolor sit consectetur adipiscing elit.

  • Though our hotel serves a range of Hungarian dishes in their own restaurant there’s certainly no shortage of excellent options very near by.

Some useful facts about Hungary

  1. Capital: Budapest

  2. Surface Area: 93 033 km²

  3. Population: 10 076 000

  4. Time zone: GMT/UTC +1

  5. Language: Hungarian (magyar)

  6. Currency: No. Not Euros. The Forint. Hungary’s official currency is the forint (HUF). 1 GBP = around 380 HUF. Plastic-wise… most of the international credit cards are accepted in Hungary.

  7. Regime: Parliamentery democracy]

  8. President of the Republic: János Áder

  9. Prime minister: Viktor Orbán

  10. Climate: Hungary’s climate is continental. That means hot summers and cold winters.

  11. Electricity: In Hungary we use standard European 220 v electricity: 2 round prongs. The sockets are different from sockets used in the United Kingdom.

  12. Tipping: Similar to the UK. It’s appreciated in restaurants, taxis rides and cloakrooms. 10% is seen as a fair tip.

Top 10 sights in Budapest?
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