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Hair transplant prices

As a guide? 0.57 GBP per hair transplanted using our recommended FUE Safe System method.

In reality though the only way we can give you a full and exact price for your treatment is with a proper consultation and a detailed analysis of your scalp.

That way we can offer you a fully costed personalised treatment plan. Everything in black and white up front. No hidden extras, just a crystal clear breakdown of everything you need to regain a perfect head of hair.

Packages include accommodation, airport transfers, meals, medication and even a hair dresser prior to surgery. All you need to do is buy your plane ticket. We’ll do the rest.

How to work out the price of your hair transplantation

It’s important to have a clear understanding of how prices are calculated. While some clinics count by grafts, others count by hairs. We’ll explain the difference.

First things first: don’t be misled into thinking that a graft and a hair are the same thing. They’re not.

What’s the difference between a graft and a hair?

A hair is a hair is a hair. It’s singular. Not so difficult to understand.

A graft on the other hand is a follicular unit that when harvested can contain between 1-3 hairs. It all depends on your hair.

Quotes based on grafts are invariable inexact.

Here’s an example:

Your quote recommends 1000 grafts. The cost is £2000. If you’re unfortunate enough for each graft to contain only 1 hair, you’ll end up paying pay £2000 for 1000 hairs transplanted. If each grafts contain 3 hairs each, you will pay £2000 for 3000 hairs transplanted. The same price, a significantly different result – 1000 hairs transplanted as opposed 3000.

We only quote by hair. Exact and fair. By counting every harvested hair we make sure that we implant exactly the number we quoted in your treatment plan.

Precision transplants – precision pricing.

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