We’ll plan your treatment for a time to suit both your schedule and our capacity at the clinic. We always ask that you arrive in Budapest one day before your surgery.

1. Settling In

Access to your private room is from 8 am on the day of your treatment. Feel free to bring any small personal belongings you want: computer, dvd player, iPod, etc.

Every room is spacious and comfortable with full Internet access provided.

If you have any questions, please ask.

2. Pre-op Consultation

We’ll give you a final and thorough medical examination before your hair transplantation and make sure you are fully informed as to how the day will unfold. Your doctor will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

3. Phase one of your hair restoration procedure

Your hair restoration will start at 8.30.

A local anaesthetic means that during the procedure you are able to read, watch a film or listen to music. For comfort’s sake and rather than run the risk of boredom we advise that you do bring something with you, a book, laptop or tablet, to keep you occupied.

The procedure is carried out in a number of separate phases giving you the chance to relax, to take a meal or go for a stroll between them.

4. Lunch

There’s half hour lunch break at 12.30 pm. You can order a meal from our excellent clinic restaurant.

5. Phase two of your hair restoration procedure

Hair follicle implantation begins at 1 pm. Again, you’re free to watch a film or read a book while the procedure is being carried out.

6. Completion of your treatment

Operations usually finish by 6 pm – itt all depends on the amount of hairs that you are having transplanted. Your doctor will be able to give you a clearer idea of the expected finishing time around lunchtime.

You are free to go back to your accommodation as soon as the day’s procedure is complete and you may return home the very next day.

7. Aftercare

Upon your return to the UK there’s nothing you need to do apart from just follow your doctor’s instructions and await your new hair growth.

From then on it’s simply a case of enjoying your new, natural and impressive head of hair and the new found confidence, opportunities and experiences that come with it.

Of course is you have any questions after your treatment, do please contact us at any time.

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