The FUE Safe System Hair Transplant method

As technology advances and surgeons develop ever more sophisticated methods so patients benefit. One such example is the new enhanced FUE method – the FUE SafeSystem. A revolutionary new patented technology

In fact it’s such an advanced technique that only a handful of surgeons in the world are qualified to apply it. A select group that includes the doctors at our clinic.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE How does the FUE SafeSystem work?

FUE SafeSystem is precision follicle harvesting that avoids any unnecessary damage to the scalp or hair follicles. Using super precise SAFE Scribe device only minimal damage occurs to the tissue and follicles. Slight damage.

Using SafeSystem, we are able to isolate and remove hair follicles containing as few as 6-7 hairs!

Even if a patient has only a few hairs at the back of their head the SafeSystem means that it is still possible to use chest, back or even the stomach hairs.

It’s important to stress that as the quality of hairs in these regions is inferior to scalp hair. This is a last resort type of treatment and needs to be properly with our doctors. That said, it can and does work.

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FUE Safe System Treatment Why the FUE Safe System method means a better treatment.

Committed to using the latest and most effective treatments, as soon as we saw the amazing precision that the FUE SafeSystem offers, we had no hesitation in introducing it to our clients. In fact, we were one of the first Hungarian clinics to do so.

Put simply the FUE SafeSystem is leading edge hair transplant technology.

By removing grafts (follicular groupings) and storing them in a special regeneration liquid, we are able to achieve faster, stronger and more impressive results – a full 10-15% extra growth of the transplanted hair.

Not only is growth improved, but because follicular damage during the removal, storage and implanting of the hair is minimised the scalp recovers faster and recuperation time is also shortened.

In short – the FUE SafeSystem has quickly superseded FUE to become the most advanced hair transplant procedure in the world.

A treatment that we are proud to be able to offer to all our patients.

The many advantages of the new FUE Safe System procedure:

  • Anyone can benefit.

  • Fewer damaged hair follicles increases the number of removable donor hairs.

  • Because the surgeon can select hair characteristics, as well as just the volume of the hair follicles, results are better and more natural looking.

  • Precision removal offers the opportunity to removable better quality hair. For example from the back of the head or behind the ears

  • No visible scars.

  • FOX negative patients can also benefit from this treatment.

  • Faster recovery.

  • Patients who might have previously given up hope on a hair transplant can now benefit.

  • It’s a safe method for people with wavy, curly hair, with hairs undamaged during the removal and placement process.

  • Precision SafeSystem control also offers a viable treatment option for people with fair hair, thin hair or whose follicles are thin.

  • Significant benefits for African-American and greying patients.

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