No compromise. Just a great head of hair and thousands of pounds saved in the process. From ₤990

Hair Restoration Before & After Photos


Our Budapest hair clinic has been specialised in hair transplants exclusively, for more than 10 years. Our surgeons have made several inventions in the field of hair restoration. Our surgeons performed over a 1,000 hair transplant procedures with outstanding results for English, French and Hungarian patients.



10 years and 1000 + procedures tells you that when it comes to great looking hair we know exactly what we’re doing. But it’s not simply the quality of our work that inspires hair loss sufferers to come to us from all over Europe for hair restoration. We offer incredible value too with savings of up to 60% on comparable treatment in the UK.

See for yourself. Take look at the before and after photographs below. How impressive? A natural, new hair look.

Are you losing it on top? Day by day is your hair becoming thinner and thinner? Not great. We can all put a brave face on things, but honestly, how does that make you feel? How would you like to regain your natural look; a head of thick, healthy hair? And what if it only took a day to do it?

The results you see are just a few examples of the fantastic hair transplant treatments we’re giving people like you every single day. And it’s not just their natural hair that we help people regain either… it’s their confidence. Your confidence restored in a single day.

Before & After Photos


Your hair is becoming thinner and thinner? Would you like to regain your natural look?