No compromise. Just a great head of hair and thousands of pounds saved in the process. From ₤990

Our Hair Clinic


Located in one of the most beautiful parts of beautiful Budapest, our hair transplant clinic enjoys stunning views directly across the River Danube.

The first clinic in Hungary to perform FUE SafeSystem hair transplants, and still considered by many the best, our clinic is as well equipped as our staff are skilled

Everything we do is with a single express purpose. To give you the most impressive hair transplant results – at great low prices.

Since we opened our doors in 2001 more than 1000 satisfied customers have benefitted from our advanced technology and qualified, certified expertise.

Little wonder that clients from as far afield as Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK have all turned to us for quick, high quality and great value hair restoration.
Little wonder too that we win the vast majority of our clients through personal recommendation.

The care you can expect


All our treatment rooms are designed to make the experience as comfortable as possible. During your treatment you’re welcome to listen to music, watch a film or even work online. Whatever you want.

The whole procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic in many cases patients don’t even realise that treatment is underway.
We’ll keep you fully informed during your treatment and even invite you to participate should you wish – observing and counting removed and implanted grafts and hairs. You’re free to ask as many questions as you wish and we make a point of keeping completely updated on the progress of your treatment.