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What are the Disadvantages of Hair Transplant?


More or less about two decades ago, physicians took a step forward in a new vista of medical science. It was about to redefine your apparent personality- yes, none other than just to give you rid of baldness named as hair transplantation. However in the beginning it was a pretty much scary thing to talk about. Even some rumors were about severe scalp injuries; but no embossing insight could be provided about it. Anyhow, at the outset, success rate was nonetheless 30-40% in the respective innovation. Baldness can be very much embarrassing in the early age especially when you are about to propose a lady but the adverse effects can be as deadly as permanent baldheadedness with no other way to get you beloved bunches of hair back onto your scalp. The flock of your hair had better be on your head, it is nevertheless a wish of every person especially of males. The proportion of hair loss is more amongst the men compared to the women almost in every region of the world and people spend a lot of money to get the hair back through hair transplantation.

It is all about moving the individual hair follicles through surgery technique. Each hair is separately planted back to the scalp. Defining in the simplest way, it is just like planting in your home garden and some of the seeds get wasted due to soil incompatibility. Where the medical science defines many advantages of the innovation, the practice scenario is quite heaving. The howling nuisances are quite annoying for the people who have experienced it and found adverse sort of incompatibility. Here we go to the potential disadvantages of the hair transplantation in general.

The premier issue which might be happening for many people is cost. Most of the times, people of middle income go for the alternatives which are not much reliable and trustworthy with respect to health benefits. Resultantly, they do not find that many high prominent upshots which could be possible after an expensive but reliable surgery. This is quite much disappointing and stressful thing about low cost surgery.

On the way onwards, many people find themselves too much timid of the surgery. No doubt, it is a major surgery as far as I calculate the risk. Many times people become panic and anxious. However this could be mitigated through pre surgical briefing session in which the physician and the patient talk to each other about the thing going to happen at the time of surgery and after that. The surgeon would brief the patient truly in order to make him mentally prepared about the routes all along.
The surgery could be harmful for the asthma patients because it involves anesthesia while grafting the follicles. However the quantity is not significant but the people aging above 45 with adverse asthma must not take risk without proper consultation of the respective physicians and surgeon. It might be quite risky because anesthesia is effects over lungs and weaker lungs cannot bear its intensity however it is quite normal with the people having regular course lungs’ health.

Heart patients who have had a surgery earlier than that are not recommended for hair transplantation. It is a dreadful issue if you do not discuss it with your physician. Similarly hypertension and high blood pressure are the diseases which prohibit the surgery. Anxious patients can have adverse effects over heart and kidneys.

Post surgical treatments and drugs are usually very expensive. You even cannot interact you hair with the regular hair cosmetics as you used to do before surgery. There are medicated and especial sort of hair washers and after bath serum that you are required to use. Without the said precautionary measures, hair grafts are expected to be lost. A very dreadful thing, which I thing is scary, is the sleeping mode after the surgery. You cannot sleep by touching your head to the pillow over a week. If this measure is not taken, your entire investment can be lost in a couple of hours.

Sometimes, many sensitive patients lose back head sensation. This is very appalling emotion indubitably. This might take several weeks to get your sensation and feeling back. However with the proportion of 0.005% of all the cases reported to date, people lose the sensation permanently as well. This happens because of inherent hypersensitivity in an individual. As a pot rejoinder to eternal sensation loss, an individual might get the risk of paralysis increased as well as other back bone diseases.

The darker sides which have been reported here are the possible adverse effects in extreme situations. However many people successful go through to the hair transplantation sessions and live happily ever after by getting rid of baldness. The only thing matters is commitment and proper medical consultation, without that you should not expect hundred percent of the results.

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