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The short answer is 10-14 months, but let’s see why!


Hair transplant process may be a terrifying procedure for any individual. But it is a motivation to resume your personality and classy looks again. This is the reason for what many people nowadays go for hair transplantation and take risk as well. Well, it is the most frequently asked question by the aspirants that how much time this procedure will take to recover. If we only talk about the post surgical wounds and cuts, they will heel in two to three weeks completely. This may also differ from the recovery time of one person to another on the basis of several factors. These factors might include age, health status and sensitivity or general heeling behavior of one’s skin.

There are two most common procedures of hair transplant which are popular due to their exclusive benefits. The first is known as Follicle Unit Transplant (FUT). This is a cheaper technique to get have hair transplantation. It takes a little more time because of severity of the process. The patient feels more pain and irritation immediately after the surgery. This is the most terrible drawback due to which people hesitate to go for it. But still it is being exercised broadly to cure baldness. First three days after the surgery are very important and critical for a patient. There is more risk to lose follicles if proper care is not taken. But the reported cases are very few in which people have lost a sufficient quantity of follicles. The care taking process is not too much complicated. It is cheaper but more painful and slow process. For the first week, patient is merely unable to perform any task. If somebody performs any task related to reading or anything that causes pressure on sight, one can get swelling on forehead and eyes area. This therefore is strictly prohibited. Lying on head is also not permissible, which is an irritating thing indeed. It may take 4 to six weeks to completely heel the surgery cuts and wounds.

A complete process of getting hair recovery according to expectations might take 12 to 18 months. However in some cases, it can even prolong to a sufficient period of two years. There is merely no difference between the outcomes of the differential processes. The only difference is the process itself. You will need to take proper care according to the prescribed instructions in order to have expected outcomes at full. The average cost of individual follicle unit transplantation is £2 to £3 which is quite cheaper than all other available contemporary alternatives in the related market. It is a time taking process. The other draw back involved is the one shot process. Each and every follicle unit is needed to transplant at a time. It might collectively take 5-8 hours on an average as per need. These two reported and explained here according to recovery time perspective however are the most common processes.

The other process is known as Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE). This is a little bit different from the above explained process. FUE is a process in which an individual hair follicle is transplanted over the scalp. It is a time consuming process. Total surgery time does not make any difference from the FUT but it recovers the other associated drawback. It can be accomplished in several smaller sessions. This is the reason for what consultants choose this technique to cure complete baldness. The former technique is more appropriate to cure partial baldness or hairlessness. Paining sessions and irritating sensations are quite alike but also get recovered sooner than the former process. It is an expensive surgery thus it is lesser in practice in the world. It costs £3 to £6 per hair follicle which is almost double of the cost of former process. It has lesser risk involved to lose the transplanted follicles. The success rate of FUE is more than FUT because of latest technology involved and inherent sophistication in the process.

For the first three days, it needs extensive care and proper rest. Cuts and wounds are usually heeled in a week. After a month or two, patients start seeing significant improvement and sprouts of newly planted follicles. The process of improvement is continuous but recovery time might differ in different patient on the basis of the above stated factors (as stated in FUT). On an average, it takes 10-14 months in complete recovery with a safety margin of two to three months more or less.

In both of the contemporary process, here it has been given the average estimates. The actual happening might differ. However you must stay in contact with your consultant continuously. In the due course, any unusual occurrence after surgery must be discussed with him. The cosmetic treatment must be adopted as per advices. If you act upon the prescribed advices, the recovery will be faster and out of fuss.

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