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What causes Hair Loss?


Getting hair again on your scalp can have many benefits along. The most tremendous benefit is to resume your personality and apparent looks back. You can resolve your inferiority complex because of the tacky baldness. Undoubtedly motivation is very high nonetheless the complex procedure may include many terrible risks associated. In the following piece of information, you may have some idea about the pitfalls of the process.

The very first and most scary risk is the risk of getting the transplanted follicles dead. Sometimes, the follicles which are implanted on the scalp can become dead due to several reasons. These reasons may include the quality of follicles and the skills of the surgeon. Sometimes some health issues also hinder the procedure. But again it raises a question on the skillfulness of the consultant that he would have examined the entire feasibility of patient’s compatibility. However this holds a very low percentage in reported cases but still the risk persists. On an average every two patients out of 500 face this problem. To mitigate this risk, you can first have a detailed medical examination to checkout if you have any serious infeasible disease. First, it needs to cure the disease and then go for surgery. Second option may cause some extra cost but it can be beneficial for you. You may visit a couple of consultants to compare their suggestions about your hair transplant surgery. Keep the repute and rate of success in view while choosing your consultant.

Another important risk is monetary risk which is not a direct risk but is associated with the rate of success. If your surgery does not remain successful, your money may go to wall. Your expectation can be displeased. Not only this, the pain you borne and the care you took for the post operation wounds and cuts will remain unfruitful. This is a real disappointment if your surgery is unsuccessful. To mitigate this, again you need to choose your surgeon carefully after an extensive search of available alternatives.

It is strictly prohibited to use any drug, tea or smoke (of any kind). They make the process slower. You are advised not to take any above mentioned stuff for a week minimum before and after the surgery. This not only slows down the sprouting but also it can exert severe and long lasting side effects. Smokers and alcohol drinkers should pay attention before go for hair transplantation. First, develop enough stamina in yourself that you can stay away from such things. If you do not find yourself enough capable, you can first have treatment to leave drugs.

Scars! Yes these are the obvious side effects. You must get scars on your scalp after surgery it is a complete surgical process. However these scars can be reduced through continuous treatment and use of medicated hair care products. But still none of the cases has reported complete removal of scars. Here is good news as well; the scars are not prominent unless you do not keenly search them under the hair. The scars will only prominent when the sprouts are not completely out. They will be hidden after 4 to 6 months after the surgery.

Sometimes, the new grafts (in case of partial baldness) weaken the original hair. Consequently the old hairs become thin and weak. This happens when some infection occurs immediately after the surgery. In case of sensitive and dry skin type, you need to pay extra attention. Most of the times, the surgeons prescribe respective antibiotics as a preliminary measure to stay away from these infections after examining the skin type. This is also a rare case but has been reported through several surgeries. Once an infection occurs, it becomes even terrifying to control and cure it because of inherent sensitivity of a serious surgery.
You must need to stay away from the outer environment’s pollution and dust like stuff. Open environment has germs and bacteria which can cause infections. These infections can harm the newly grafted follicles and even they can permanently die.

The only way of getting rid of the risks is to take proper and prescribed care. If you properly take the recommended medicines and medicated products, you can mitigate all of the above mentioned risks significantly. You must need to quit smoking, tea, and coffee etc if you love to have a head full of healthy hair. Baldness is a curse indeed, especially for the young ones. Do remember that hair transplantation is a permanent way to get rid of baldness. It has life time guarantee because the follicles, which are grafted in the scalp, act as your real hair. They grow and nourish as you have original hair. All you need is to have complete treatment.

You will surely get rid of the hairlessness. Take a break, finish your treatment and continue where you left your routine.

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