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How does Hair Transplant Work?


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that treats baldness. It includes a complete scalp surgery in which every individual hair follicle is transplanted. An extensive post surgery treatment of a year (sometimes more) is suggested in order to grow each follicle grow. The underlying treatment is usually used to treat the hairlessness in men. The baldness can be of any kind e.g., natural or effectual. Natural baldness can be caused of genetic or family baldness. The effectual baldness occurs due to side effect of some disease such as typhoid, pneumonia or any other.
The hair transplantation surgery using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves three usual steps as follows:

1. Pre Surgical Assessment


In this stage, the patient has a sitting with consultation. The consultant lets the patient know about the surgery process all along; the risks involved, expenses, required care and rest requirements etc. After getting primary satisfactory consent of the patient, consultant thoroughly examines the patient. For instance he takes his medical history and scalp analysis. If the patient is suffering from any other chronic disease, then the consultant will more carefully examine about the feasibility and possibility of the transplantation process. If the patient is entirely normal, the consultant will analyze the further requirements, for example, how much follicles will be required to transplant.

2. Transplantation Process (FUE)

It is the most popular technique of hair transplantation, indeed. According to the requirements, either this can be performed in a single shot but quite longer session or several smaller sessions. However both of the techniques are being exercised nowadays. Screening of the patients for FUE is done on the basis of fox test report. This technique however is considered as a more time taking and expensive one. It depends on the surgeon’s skills to expect something about the success probability. Surgeons use fine needles or thinnest surgical blades in order to graft the follicles. These follicles are of 0.6 to 0.1 Millimeter in diameter. The skillfulness of the grafter makes it more probable that the success and growth rate will be closer to the intended one. Otherwise, patients can have less than a half of the total probability. This is thus a precaution to choose a surgeon with good repute and skillfulness.

Usually it takes not more than seven days to get primary recovery through FUE technique. But in some cases, it can even consume more days due to sensitivity and curability level of the patient. For the first three days, patient is restricted to stay away from pillow. Yes! This might perhaps be the most terrifying fact about hair transplant. You cannot put pressure over the newly grafted hair follicles to let them matured. Immature follicles may even die if you do not pay proper attention. After that you might feel some swelling over the forehead for a few days after the surgery. The most prominent disadvantage of FUE hair transplantation is the time consumption and cost. However robotic hair transplantation technology is an all new and innovative methodology to graft the hair follicles. But this technology is not accessible broadly. It is only available at certain places throughout the world. However having more success rate and less painful surgery like advantages are a cause of its limelight. It is still very much expensive that everyone cannot afford it easily.

3. Post Surgical Look After

Patient is briefed about how to take care of the grafted scalp. The patient cannot use ordinary cosmetic shampoos and hair products as he used to do. Rather it is required to use specific and prescribed drugs which have friendly and mild behaviour with the operated skin. The prescribed products are supportive for newly growing hairs over the scalp. Post surgical care should be for infinite time period because grafted hairs are not genuine. This is a little bit difficult in the beginning but you will sooner become used to by seeing continuous improvement in your personality because you are getting rid of the baldness.

Some Side Effects:
Along with best comparative outcomes, there have been some side effects reported as well. Bald patches are the common and frequently observed side effect. It is due to lack of professional expertise of the surgeon. Due to this, a patient (as per average cases reported) can lose 50 to 100 hairs each day. There is no recovery of the bald patches. Other temporary side effects may include periodical swelling over the head and forehead area which makes the patient extremely uncomfortable. However this is entirely temporary and gets vanished after 15 days maximum. The patients having hyper sensitive skin may experience some itching and irritation sort of feeling around the operated area. However this can be mitigated through the use of some medicated anti itching product as per the instructions of the consultant.

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