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Is Hair Transplant Safe?


For centuries man has sought a remedy to the problem of baldness and hair transplant is one of the latest and state-of-the-art technique to address this issue. The method is equally popular with both men and women to solve the issue of hair loss. Although the hair transplant methods are widely accepted and practiced, contrary to the popular belief, the procedure is not entirely risk free and safe.

Although your best bet to stay safe would be to consult a reputable surgeon to perform the transplant procedure yet some risk factor always remains there which can only be improved by taking certain stringent precautions. The post-operation problems may become apparent immediately or may take some time to reveal themselves. However it must be taken into account that it does not necessarily imply that each and every person undergoing hair transplant shall suffer from all these issues and experience the same side effects; on the contrary these effects vary greatly from person to person.

Foremost among these problems is hemorrhage and is most prevalent among patients of middle age. This condition may become apparent right after the procedure has been performed or even during the surgical procedure for that matter. The main cause of this problem is the negligence of the surgeon or if the surgeon is not experienced enough. Therefore choosing the right person to perform the surgery on you is of utmost importance. Another major issue with an inexperienced or incompetent surgeon is what is termed as shedding. In this case, the patient rapidly starts losing hair (upto 100 per day) which can lead to thinning of hair or even baldness in extreme cases. This is due mainly to the fact that the transplants may not have been properly implanted or else the hair follicles have been pulled out from the roots. Additionally an inexperienced hand may cause unnecessary pain and bleeding due to extreme pressure application. However the lesions are tiny and easily heal with time.

As is the case with all surgeries, there is always a probability of infection prevalence associated with the hair transplant surgery. However it can be minimized if one consults a registered organization which ensures the provision of a clean environment with sterilized instruments and an experienced surgeon.

Another common issue is itching which occurs mainly due to the formation of scab (shell/layer) on the scalp. It is commonly observed that upto several thousand scabs may be formed on the scalp. Sometimes the scab formation occurs immediately after the procedure has been performed but in some cases it takes time to develop. In the initial stages the issue may be resolved due to simple shampooing. However if the problem prevails, then one might need to consult with a specialized dermatologist which shall prescribe specific medicines and massage oils to relieve the issue.

There might be some scarring associated with the hair transplant but this varies with the type of procedure that one opts for. Most common and severe form of scarring is associated with FUT STRIP transplant technique. In some cases the scar becomes a keloid type scar which is not only repulsive but may develop some itching and pain subsequently causing discomfort to the patient. Some other people have also reported the problem of cyst development whenever the hair implant thrusts too deep into the skin.

An interesting problem reported by some patients is the occurrence of hiccoughs. But the issue can be easily resolved by seeing any medical specialist. Another post-operation effect commonly related to the hair transplants is the swelling of recipient site of the scalp. In some extreme cases this may spread to eyes and anterior of the head and should be reported immediately to the doctor.

Since the procedure involves application of a local anesthetic, a patient may experience some numb feeling for a small period however if the condition is prolonged it should be immediately referred to the physician.

All in all hair transplant is as safe as any surgery might be. One needs to make intelligent and safe choices regarding surgeon and the type of surgery which is best suitable for one’s specific case.

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