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Is Hair Transplantation Permanent?


Hair transplantation is an art, like painting a blank piece of paper. The paper that’s a bald head and it keeps getting bigger while you have limited paint. However the paint should be of the required quality and class, oil paint won’t do where water colors are required, same is the thing with hair transplant. Unless the correct hair follicles aren’t used a hair transplant would never be a success or be permanent. The Donor hair must always be compatible with the bald region and only a true expert can ensure that.

A surgeon when performing a hair transplant usually takes the hair from a region on body where the hair does not have in genes, the genetic pattern that makes a man bald. The donor hair region is not being genetically programmed for hair loss hence giving it a lifelong span. But if the hairs are taken from a region on body with hair fall, then transplanted hair would have less or no life at all. That is where importance of correct paints comes in while painting. The doctor should be a great artist in order to recognize the required hair.

One of the complications that arise here is the donor areas of the young which cannot be determined with guarantee. This is the reason why people younger than 21 can lose hair into the donor area where grafts are harvested. It is very essential to go to a proper hair transplant expert that knows his job. The expert can properly determined donor hair follicles which are transplanted into the bald region. However with all that has been discussed above, it is still possible for planted hair to fall again for reasons other than genetics. Health reasons, side effect of medications, chemotherapy etc. can again cause hair loss and also can also be the reason to destroy donor hairs. In most cases that are aloof of such conditions, the transplanted hair should last forever.

Most of the times, hair transplant is permanent and lasts forever without any complication. But extra care should be taken of the newly planted hair that are fragile and have tender roots. Though, they are strong and any lack in proper care can lead to fallout of the hair. So, we conclude that if the transplant process goes without any complication or problem, then hair transplant is always permanent!

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