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Natural tips for preventing hair loss


Constantly confronted with the hassle of hair falling off in clumps, are you? These hair loss calamities tend to exert a heavy toll on the self esteem of many a people, especially women. Men can go with an all-bald look as a fashion statement. Take Vin Diesel, for instance. Nevertheless, extensive hair fall can prove to be a nuisance, whatever your gender might be.

Some people might have a genetic inclination towards hair loss. Pattern baldness tends to run in families. Apart from that, seasonal variations, use of particular drugs, nutritional imbalances, intense heat treatment and excessive use of hair products can also contribute towards hair fall. No wonder, so many people now-a-days complain of falling tresses; no one wants their crowning glory to fade off. You don’t need to agonize over falling hair issues anymore. Let us do that for you. What you have to do is to go on reading for listed below are some of the easiest tips to prevent hair fall that are simple, yet effective.


    Knowing your hair type can help you combat hair loss problems. Choosing your hair products according to your hair type is the first step towards getting stronger hair. An ideal shampoo is the one that is suited to your hair and skin type. Choosing hair products specially designed fight hair loss can be helpful too.


    While the sizzling, spicy foods seem yummier to your eyes, veggies are healthier. Adopting a properly balanced out diet is what you should aim at. The vitamins in green leafies provide the essential growth nutrients to the hair while improving the blood flow to the roots at the same time. Sounds good, right?


    Proteins help build up keratin, the basic cellular component of hair. Enhance the intake of eggs, dairy products, nuts; beans etc. eat more fish too. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil, especially in cod liver oil are of extreme value for the health of your hair. There is nothing like proteins and fish oil to make your locks glow.


    Pay heed, women!! Lessen the use of heat products in your routine. If you curl or straighten your hair on a daily basis, DON’T. Lay off the blow drying too. Heat causes denaturation of the protein structure of your hair, causing them to go all dry, ultimately breaking off. Use heat protective sprays before subjecting your hair to this torment. Hot showers have exactly the same effect on hair as heat treatment; avoid them. Handle your hair with as much care as you can.


    While combing out your hair, treat them tenderly. Don’t try to untangle them by force. Take your time with your locks and smoothen them out gently. After washing your hair, pat them dry. Don’t wriggle them. Don’t squeeze them. Stop wearing your hair too tight, it also pulls on the roots and weakens them. Don’t try to comb them while they are wet. It might sound quite cumbersome but combing wet hair actually causes them to fall out.


    Stimulating the hair bulbs with light finger strokes improves blood circulation to hair follicles, making the hair take stronger roots, thereby preventing hair loss. Tada!


    Consult a good psychiatrist to rule out the possibility of any other underlying pathology that might, silently, be causing hair fall. Diseases like seborrhic dermatitis and psoriasis might be the root cause of it all.


    Stressing over minor stuff needlessly cannot solve the issue but it can certainly affect your hair. Stop constantly worrying or you might have to say good bye to a lot of your hair. Remain positive. Stay happy as much as you can; it is the cheapest form of therapy for hair loss problems.


    Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and mustard oil are the best products to provide all essential nutrients to your hair. Oiling strengthens the roots and prevents breakage.


    Applying onion juice or vinegar to your hair just before shampooing helps ward off the dandruff that might clog the hair roots and block their blood supply. It is quite effective in preventing hair loss as dandy hair is another of the causes of excessive hair fall.


    This contemporary technology makes use of infra red radiation and laser impact to stimulate your hair follicles and refurbish their circulation. It boosts up your hair re growth within no time. Step firmly on hair fall problem before you go all bald. Most important of all, you must have the will power to do it all. Hair loss prevention is not something that can be achieved over night. It is a long, tiresome process. But in the end, it’s all worth it. Flaunt your hair while you still have them; it is your finest adornment.

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