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Terms and conditions of the guarantee


It means that we guarantee that 80% of the implanted hair will start growing within one year of the procedure, and will not fall out again. If this result is not achieved, we will re-implant the hairs lost FREE of charge.
The guarantee is valid only if its conditions are met.

Terms and conditions of the guarantee

  • The clinic guarantees that 80% of implanted hairs will grow out.
  • If after 15 months less than 80% of implanted hairs are regrown, then would implant the quantity missing to the 80% free of charge.
  • The Clinic’s guarantee covers solely the implanted hairs.
  • The hair density including the original (non-transplanted) hair is not covered by the guarantee, but the density of implanted hairs is guaranteed.
  • There is no possibility to refund the price of the surgery.
  • Treatments covered by guarantee take place solely in Budapest.
  • Treatments covered by guarantee are free of charge, but if the patient chooses to implant more hairs than the number of hairs covered by the guarantee, then the additional costs must be paid by the patient.
  • The clinic does not offer a guarantee on hairs implanted during an intervention covered by guarantee.
  • Treatments covered by guarantee don’t include accommodation, airport transfers and plane tickets.
  • The guarantee can be validated only if the patient respected the post-intervention tasks given by the specialist.
  • Patient must respect the basic sanitary conditions to avoid infections on the implanted zone.
  • Patient must participate at check-up examinations set up by, or at each occasion, send pictures of his head in good quality, without any delay.
  • If any problem occurs, the patient must immediately inform the Clinic in writing. If the patient fails to inform the clinic, the guarantee cannot be validated.
  • To validate the guarantee, the patient consults the Clinic.
  • Guaranteed services can be done only after the evaluation of the problematic situation.
  • To validate the guarantee the patient must present the guarantee document and the treatment plan signed and dated, that he received on the day of the surgery.
  • In case of a guaranteed treatment the doctor and the patient must agree on the date of the treatment.
  • It is not possible to validate the guarantee before the end of the 15th month after the surgery.

Guarantee is cancelled automatically in the following cases

  • The patient did not fulfill his payment obligations.
  • The patient does not attend the mandatory check-up examinations, or he does not send his pictures on time, in the required quality to replace the examinations.
  • The patient does not respect the medical instructions given after the surgery.
  • The patient smokes before, during or in 2 weeks following the intervention.
  • The patient does not use the medications and products he received at the clinic, or does not use them respecting the doctor’s instructions.
  • The patient washes his hair on the implanted zone in the first week after the intervention.
  • The patient scratches the implanted grafts during the healing period.
  • The patient does not wash off the crusts until the end of the 2nd week following the surgery, and it harms the implanted hairs.
  • The patient does sports, physical exertion or any other activities that would increase blood pressure in the first 4 weeks after the intervention.
  • The patient uses shampoo before the 3rd week after the surgery.
  • The patient harms the implanted area during the healing process.
  • The patient uses products that were not suggested by’s doctor to accelerate healing without informing the clinic.
  • The patient takes drugs.
  • The patient drinks alcohol regularly.
  • The patient did not inform before the surgery of his actual diseases and medications he regularly takes, and these illnesses and products may affect the result of the intervention.
  • The patient comes through an illness or a treatment that affects the implanted hairs. (e.g.: chemotherapy).
  • The implanted area injures in an accident (sport, trauma, medical intervention).
  • The patient has a hair transplant at another clinic.