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Hair Restoration Before & After Photos


Our Budapest hair clinic has been specialised in hair transplants exclusively, for more than 10 years. Our surgeons have made several inventions in the field of hair restoration. Our surgeons performed over a 1,000 hair transplant procedures with outstanding results for English, French and Hungarian patients.

Laurent - 4200 hairs


Laurent came to our clinic to cover his frontal zones, you can clearly see from the below picture how his hairline looked before the surgery. He was slowly losing his hairline on both the frontals.

Picture made before the intervention

After analyzing his scalp and discussing the possibilities, our specialist team and Laurent came to a decision to go with the 4200 hair package to cover his frontals.

Laurent was also concerned about not deviating much from his original look. With that in mind, our specialist doctors implanted the new hairs designing his new hairline in a couple of sessions. You can see from the below picture what we were trying to achieve with the surgery.

Picture made right after the intervention

Those red spots you can on the implant region are crust formation which will be cleared off over the upcoming follow-up sessions. One may not be able to see massive changes during the first two weeks after the implant. You can see mild hair growth in the below picture taken one week after the surgery.

Picture made 1 week after the intervention

During the 3rd - 4th weeks, the implanted hairs would start to fall off leaving the way for the new hairs to grow which will continue until the end of 3rd and 4th months. In the 4th month, the implanted hairs would have fallen off completely, and you can see the new hairline developing slowly.

Picture made 3 weeks after the intervention

Picture made 3 months after the intervention

It is important for the patients to come down to the clinic for follow-up sessions for continuous analysis of improvements. Even if they are unable to attend sessions, our team regularly follows for updates and guide accordingly.

You can see a good amount of difference in hair growth in the picture below taken during the 6th-month follow-up session. The hair density has increased and will continue to grow over the upcoming months. We were as excited as Laurent to see the results.

Picture made 6 months after the intervention

We always love hearing feedback from our patients on the services and Laurent was kind enough to send one along with his photograph and here's what he had sent us:

“Dr. Melinda Molnár was very nice, attentive, meticulous and always smiling. Her assistants were also very helpful and attentive. Tita, the interpreter was perfect from the beginning, always smiling too. In one word, all the team was lovable!”

And, here is a before-after comparison picture for you to better see the changes