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About the Treatment:

  • Effective and Great Quality Hair Replacement

  • Incredibly Effective FUE Hair Transplant

  • Costs Considerably Lower Than in the UK.

  • A Full Head of Hair in One Day.

About Our Clinic:

  • One of Europe’s leading Hair Restoration Clinics

  • A Team You Can Trust

  • 200 UK Clients a Year

  • NO hidden fees, NO Deposit for the treatment

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FUE Hair Transplant cost from £990.

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Here are 6 great reasons to choose us:

Painless Hair Replacement

A simple, local anaesthetic means that you won’t feel a thing. A pain-free hair transplant.

Zero Scars

The special microscopic punch used to harvest hair follicles ensures no visible scarring of the donor area.

Thick Natural Looking Hair

By using your hair’s original growth direction, implanted hair not only looks, but feels natural.

Guarantee – In Writing!

We guarantee that 80% of the implanted hair will start growing within one year of the procedure, and will not fall out again. Experience and expertise that you can trust.

Stunning Value

Enjoy significant savings on equivalent UK based treatment. Great quality, great value transplants from a highly experienced highly skilled team.

Free Local Consultation

At it’s important that we understand your exact requirements and expectations. It’s also important that you have all the information you need.

Hair Transplant

We provide UK (London & Manchester & Leeds & Birmingham) and Ireland (Dublin) based free evaluation and consultation session to give you exact details on the treatment you will receive and what it will cost.

Confidence restored, a head of thick, great looking hair in just one day!

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