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Being a famous face, being recognized around the globe, living off your looks and waging an incessant battle against the signs of aging is not an easy task. Maintaining a “screen appearance” is what TV celebrities are paid for. Dwindling hair might not be a mighty problem for some celebrities, like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, but they prove to be quite a professional hindrance for many celebs. Many celebrities resort to hair transplantation. It is not only aesthetic, but also a lasting solution of the hair loss problems.

Not every celebrity you lay your eyes on has naturally luxuriant hair. They might have a trick or two up their sleeves. Hair transplant is the most common of them. Let us have a peek into the hair stories of some of the celebrities who have made use of contemporary hair transplantation technologies.

Declan Donnelly (2009)
Declan Donnelly

The “Britain’s got talent” host Declan Donnelly suddenly had a spurt of hair growth and was seen sporting hair that was thicker than ever before. Was it testosterone waking up from deep slumber all of a sudden? Certainly not! The oh-so-obvious hair transplant of the famous star left everyone star struck.

Wayne Rooney Euro 2012 vs Italy
Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United Star opted to go under the knife for the sake of diminishing hair as his scalp was becoming rather too evident. He owned it up by being open about it and posted a picture right after the surgery. Apparently, he was entirely too happy with the outcome and does not regret his decision.

David Beckham

The heartthrob of millions, the ruggedly handsome, David Beckham, admittedly made a surprising move and took millions by surprise. He had his wife, Victoria Beckham’s hair transplanted on top of his head when he felt that his ever changing hair styles could keep pace with his hair loss no more.

Shane Warne 2011
Shane Warne

The legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne had been suffering from hair loss problems for quite a while when he decided to do something about it. Gone was his soon after retirement bald look when he appeared in the Indian Premier League; confident and graceful. He certainly knocked many out of their senses with his altered looks.

Jason Donovan Here and Now Tour 2011 429 v2
Jason Donovan

Admitting having “done a Rooney”, the famous Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan, had a hair transplant to transform his looks. Admittedly, he looks way better than before. He spoke out about it and did not make any effort to hide the fact.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

The 45 year old world-popular TV chef Gordon Ramsay spent a fortune in Beverly Hills to regain his lost hair but reportedly, the attempt failed. Apparently, he suffered a graft rejection reaction to the Follicular Unit Extraction therapy that he had. This raised some serious questions about the success rate of the transplantation procedures but, as Antonio Armani, the hair transplant guru, puts it, some people have an inherent tendency to immunological reaction that varies from person to person.

Rob Brydon
Rob Brydon

The multi-talented Welsh TV star, Robert Brydon Jones, aka Rob Brydon, underwent hair transplant surgery. Although denied by him publicly, the effects of the hair transplant were too apparent to be refuted. You cannot fool the camera, Rob.

Jason Gardiner
Jason Gardiner

The Dancing on Ice judge, the ever famous 40 years old choreographer, Jason Gardiner, admitted to having a successful hair transplant. He finally took off his cap to reveal luxuriant hair atop his head. He also made an attempt to spread awareness amongst the masses about hair transplant procedures on the show “the bald truth”.

Sourav Ganguly closeup
Sourav Ganguly

The wildly successful former Indian Cricket Team captain Sourav Ganguly started developing bald patches in 2000 and had hair transplant henceforth. His attempt at regaining his hair been successful and has led to a radical change in his looks.

Elton John 2011 Shankbone 2
Elton John

The renowned singer and composer, Elton John, was one of the first stars to receive hair transplants and even more popular was his attitude about it. He openly admitted to having a transplant. For sure, it’s one of the best investments he ever made in his life.

Dallas Buyers Club 08 (9765736361)
Matthew McConaughey

The American actor, Matthew McConaughey, underwent a drastic transition in his looks. Sporting a head full of hair, he claims his revitalized looks to have something to do with natural therapies but we know the better.

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller

The actor and the talk show host, Dennis Miller, openly confessed to having a 2,500 grafts transplant. He publicly proclaimed that he underwent a couple of procedures. The result was too positive to be hidden; lush, abundant and gleaming hair.

John Cleese 2008 bigger crop
John Cleese

The English actor-come-producer, John Cleese, made public affirmation of a hair transplant. Seemingly, the famous star was too worried about his weirdly shaped scalp, making its appearance as his hair disappeared. He took the matters in his hand in time and had a successful hair transplant.

The idea of hair transplant, as a permanent solution to hair fall, has taken such a grip that many people are turning to it. Due to its cost effectiveness, it is not a “celebrities’ thing” anymore.

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