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Is Hair Transplant Successful?


With the increasing number of media stars admitting to have undergone hair transplant surgery, the popularity of the procedure has rocketed sky high and more people are turning to it as the ultimate solution to tackle baldness…… But is it?

There are quite a few myths related to hair transplant that come as a part of deal. Foremost among them being that the younger you are the better it is to get transplant due to the higher success rate which is so not true. With the loss of hair in an early age it is not advisable to undergo the transplant mainly due to the fact that eventually when the hair fall frequency reduces as you age over, there is quite a chance that you may run out of healthy hair at your donor site which may leave you short of hair which can be transplanted.

The best time, according to seasoned surgeons, to undergo hair transplant procedure is the late 30s or early 40s. However this varies greatly patient to patient, with some people depicting constant loss in their 50s being deemed as a more perfect case for this cause. This can only be determined by a veteran surgeon.

The rapid advancement in hair transplant techniques and the introduction of many novel methods in this domain has been taken as a cue for elevated success rate of hair transplant in women by some people. This notion, however, is quite to the contrary because it has been observed that thinning of hair in women takes place all over the scalp with the donor areas undergoing the same rate of thinning as in other areas.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the hair transplant procedure can be quite successful if performed at the right age with just the right kind of healthy hair grafts which can successfully undergo hair transplant procedure and continue regrowth afterwards. Therefore if the procedure is performed by a successful and renowned surgeon of good repute, then the success rate of hair transplant is improved greatly. This is because he would be, due to his experience, able to pinpoint the most suitable and healthy donor sites which is the most crucial decision in making a hair transplant successful.

The best of hair transplant is that it offers you a permanent solution to hair loss problem. If the post-operative care is performed well it will last forever. The surgeons often recommend a few session with a reputed dermatologist for post-operation procedures which helps strengthen the roots and hence improves the life of your transplant.

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