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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?


Having hair transplantation abroad is a concept rapidly gaining a strong niche in the minds of the people who suffer from hair loss problems. Extensive hair loss (pattern baldness) in males causes low self esteem problems making it hard for them to cope with everyday business. Many of them resort to the use of various hair re-growth products but when all the remedial measures fail, the hair transplantation option seems the last choice available.

Hair transplantation in UK has become too costly for a common man to even consider it. One of the best options is to have a hair transplant abroad where equally good surgeons are engaged in making the lives of hundreds of people better through hair transplantation. Some of these countries include India, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Sweden etc.

Turkey is one of the options to be considered when going for a hair transplant abroad. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and
Antalya are some of the Turkish cities where the hair transplant clinics are catering to the needs of many. However, the standard of hair transplant in Turkey is far below that of other countries like Hungary offering the same services of substantial quality.

Several reasons count for hair transplant in Hungary being better than that in Turkey. One of them is the low cost of air travel. Adding the cost of travelling to that spent on the actual procedure, the costs mount too high to be affordable. It costs merely around £150 to travel from London to Budapest, whereas from London to Ankara or other Turkish cities, it costs £300 on an average.

The travel time from London to Hungary is around 2 and half hours as compared to the flight time to turkey, that is 3 and half hours. This saves the precious time.

Also, there is a high risk of scams involved. As was the case with the site It was reported for being a scam. Many people went to Istanbul getting a hair transplant done, only to come back with the horror stories of over grafting, grafting onto the areas where grafting wasn’t necessary, excessive scarring and nerve damage at the hands of inexperienced surgeons.

The lure of cheaper FUE transplant in Turkey entices many. But don’t let your money go to waste. Hair transplant in Hungary would cost only a fraction of the money more than having a transplant in Turkey but it would ensure that you get the best out of your money.

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