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How much does a Hair Transplant Cost in India?

If you have seen your father and grandfather going bald well before time, brace yourself: you are going to get hit by this tide too. Male pattern baldness has a genetic disposition to it, which is why it is a familial trait. Other factors like metabolic disorders, age-related or senile hair loss, use of drugs like chemotherapeutic drugs and seasonal variations also contribute towards extensive hair loss.

While you are trying on various hair gels, shampoos and other chemicals to get your receding hairline back and your efforts are proving to be futile, there are yet others out there who are going for hair transplantation for their hair loss problems and are achieving miraculously successful results.

Hair transplantation might sound scary; going under the knife is never too easy. The word “surgery” instills a fear in the hearts of many. Money problems, which go side by side with the surgical procedures, are also worrisome. All these problems can be tackled at once with a simple solution: having a hair transplant abroad.

Hair transplantation in UK is way too costly. The costs of transplants depend not only on the type of hair transplantation method (FUE or FUT) employed, but also on the number of sessions required to do so. Some clinics charge at the rate of number of grafts done; their prices ranging from £3- £10, not to mention that a single graft might consist of 1-4 hair follicles per graft. The costs skyrocket when put together with the pre-surgical examination session fees.

Many countries other than UK offer state-of-the-art hair transplant surgeries. The hair surgeons are skilled and offer their services at quite economical costs. Health travelling is a notion that is becoming immensely popular, especially for hair transplantation. Hungary offers contemporary hair transplantation techniques at quite cheap rates.

However, travelling to Non-EU countries like India is never without its cons. True, travelling to less favorable destinations is cheaper. Also, hair transplants in Asian countries like India are quite less as compared to the UK, pricing at barely £0.99 per graft. However, the more disagreeable aspects of travelling to India for hair transplantation should also be considered before taking that final decision. Travelling to countries like Hungary is a better option. Let us have a look why.

  • Time is money. Being at an air travel distance of only 2.5 hours from UK, Hungary is a more favorable destination as compared to travelling all over to India, which takes approximately 10 hours.

  • The expertise of hair transplant surgeons in Hungary is at par with those in the UK. However, the same cannot be said for those in India.

  • Air travel costs for India are more, compared to Hungary. The average ticket cost of travelling to India is around £350-£600 whereas for Hungary, it is £50-£80.

  • Proper vaccinations should be carried out before travelling to India, unless you want to come back with a hair transplant along with one of the morbid prevalent diseases in Southeast Asian countries, hepatitis A and typhoid being at the top of the list as they have a food and water borne mode of transmission. The routine vaccination for all major diseases like M.M.R, D.T.P, varicella, polio etc should be done. You also have to go through the hassle of getting vaccinated for Japanese encephalitis, malaria, hepatitis B and rabies depending upon the time of year and the place to which you are travelling. These measures are quite troublesome, not to mention the additional strain they put on your finances. However, no such pestering procedures are required for travelling to Hungary; it is quite stress-free.

Health travelling holds the additional charm of a vacation along with surgery. You can come back looking young all over again. Choose the right spot for getting the hair transplant surgery done and none would be wiser.

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